Test Prep Booklets for NYS Civil Service Exams

Note that not all booklets will be pertinent to the test you are preparing for. Be sure to read the "Subjects of Examination" section of the test announcement.

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Administrative Supervision - Supervision II

Alphabetizing - Name and Number Checking

Arithmetic Reasoning

Basic Algebra and Elementary Statistics

Basic Mathematics

Coding and Decoding

Contemporary Government and Social Problems

Evaluating Conclusions in the Light of Known Facts

Flowcharting/Computer Work Scheduling

How to Take an Oral Exam

Improving Your Test Taking Skills

Interviewing / Investigative Techniques

Keyboarding Practices / Using Good Judgment in the Provision of Office Support Services

Memory for Facts and Information

Office Record Keeping


Tabular Reasoning

Understanding and Interpreting Tabular Material II / Quantitative Analysis

Understanding and Interpreting Written Material

Verbal Analysis of Evaluating Conclusions in the Light of Known Facts

Work Scheduling / Inventory Control

Written English / Preparing Written Material II